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Illegal Dumping

This problem refers to the dumping of deceased animals, especially in southern Dallas. The illegal dumping of animal remains in Dallas is believed to be a result of owners improperly disposing of their pets.

Loose Dogs

Loose animals are usually owned; however, they're allowed to roam free. This issue heightens the probability of animal attacks, injuries to pets and uncontrolled reproduction in the community.


Dallas Animal Services intakes an average of 80 pets per day. The high number of intakes affects available space at the shelter and restricts the amount of time animals can remain up for adoption or transfer.

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About this issue

The loss of a pet can be a heartbreaking and confusing time. Some residents are unaware what the next steps should be. The illegal dumping of animal remains in Dallas is believed to be a result of improper disposal by pet owners.

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About this issue

There have been challenges with loose and stray dogs in southern Dallas since the early 1800’s. The majority of these dogs are owned by local residents yet allowed to roam free by their owners.

This page offers tips and solutions for dealing with loose and stray dogs.


About this issue

Loose and stray pets have a massive effect on the animal population at Dallas Animal Services. In addition to self-surrendered pets, these animals create a capacity strain, which influences euthanasia rates at the shelter.

If you're interested in saving lives as well as discovering resources for those struggling to take care of pets, click below.